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For those who wish to have personal healing sessions without purchasing The Healing Codes Pkg., I also offer individual coaching in The Healing Codes as well as a combination of other modalities.
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For those who have purchased The Healing Codes Package and wish additional coaching
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The Healing Codes


The Q Codes
This is an add-on to The Healing Codes

 Increased power!

Increased power means breakthrough results!

It's a law of physics (Newton's first law): with the correct frequency and enough power, you can change practically anything.

The Healing Codes supply the correct frequency.

The Q Codes dramatically increase the power!

The Q Codes are a booster for The Healing Codes. You cannot do them without The Healing Codes.

The result is greater results - and in less time!

It's that simple - More Powerful in Less Time!

With that said, your Q Code purchase includes this Special Bonus - Q2 Codes. Q2 Codes increase the power even more and do something different from The Healing Codes or Q Codes

Many people who have used both feel the Q2 Codes are even more effective than the Q Codes. This may very well be a personal preference. Solution - Do Both for Unbelievable power and results! You Choose!

"For the 1st Time Ever Experience The Healing Codes... At more than 100X the Power..."

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