Remote analysis

The IFA Institut für Aurachirurgie AG offers remote analysis using non-linear systems.
For this purpose, a person is "scanned" according to energetic-informational principles without having to be personally present during the analysis.
All organ systems are examined according to energetic-informational aspects, disturbances are uncovered and possible informational causalities (miasmatic and/or karmic stress) are identified.
Such findings are suitable to treat existing diseases according to energetic-informational principles or to recognize dispositions for the development of diseases and to prevent them accordingly by means of informational rejection.
After a few days you will receive an e-mail with all evaluations and recommendations.
It is an analysis, not a therapy.
Depending on the results of the remote analysis, a personal appointment can be made or the energetic-informational disturbances can be eliminated via healing codes if desired.
The following data are required:
- Name and first name
- sex
- date of birth
- Residential address with country, postcode, city, street, house number
- If possible, blood group and rhesus factor, but not absolutely necessary.

Costs of remote analysis: 150 EUR

To order a remote analysis, please first enter your personal data:
(the data protection guidelines according to DSGVO apply)
The mail addresses must match