IOP increase:

Patient, 65 years old, intraocular pressure increased for 30 years with values of up to 35 mmHg (normal 18 mmHg).
Over 15 years drug therapy with Travatan, whereby the intraocular pressure can be reduced to up to 25 mmHg.
An increase in the dosage of Travatan is no longer possible due to the associated side effects.
The patient comes to the practice because she is at risk of blindness due to the increase in intraocular pressure.
The optic nerve is already damaged by years of compression.
In auric surgical exploration, the karmic pattern of glare shows up in the previous life, which is clearly felt by the patient in the eye.
After removal of the virtual dazzle rod, no more resonance as a sign of the isolation of the aurachirurgical intervention.
Subsequently, the energetic-informational interference pulse is rejected by means of QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

Today I went to the doctor again to have my eye pressure measured. What a success: a value of 14.0 was measured on both sides!
Thank you again for your treatment.
Yours sincerely

Note: 14 mmHg are considered to be too low, so medication with Travatan can be reduced and even completely discontinued.

Smell and taste disorder:

Patient, 52 years old, comes for treatment because of his olfactory and tartar disorder, which has existed for years.
In addition, he suffers from chronic respiratory infections with stress dyspnea, i.e. shortness of breath during physical exertion.
The NLS remote analysis shows the miasmatic load with various bacterial pathogens.
Thereupon, the miasmatic discharge takes place by means of QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

On the first day I drank the water twice and three times since the third day.
It gets a little better every day, especially I am better at strength.
Also the sense of smell and taste, which have been gone for years, are getting better and better.
Breathing problems also improve.
Thank you very much.

Asthma bronchiale:

Patient, 68 years old, asthma bronchiale for over 30 years, requires medication, also under medication asthmoid conditions, shortness of breath, limited performance, stress dyspnea.
The NLS remote analysis shows the miasmatic load with various bacterial pathogens as well as the load with oaths and vows on the chromophilic adenocytes (cell group of the pituitary gland).
The miasmatic and karmic disorders are then eliminated by QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

The greatest relief is the finding of my doctor for lung diseases.
I was there about 14 days ago for a lung function test. I am delighted to hear that there are no more limitations to be seen.
The lungs and industry function is top. Everything was great on the screen.
One year ago the test showed still large restrictions with the reference it should not become worse.
The whole day I was already so excited and naturally afterwards further that I got then at night Darmkoliken.
On the toilet I would probably pass out for a short time and fell forwards on the floor and on my right forehead.
The bump on my right forehead has widened to two blue eyes up to my cheek.
Soon there is nothing left to see.
This is nothing compared to the certainty of having no asthma.
As a precaution I should take the spray 1/2 dose.
I often read my signed document and feel grounded afterwards.
Dear greetings K.S.